Working on these requests:
-Chair "Are you okay ? I am now"" 3x02
-Chair "Uncle Jack is here to help" 6x10
-Chair "Of course I love you Chuck.." 5x..
-Chair at the Bar Mitzvah 4x22
-Favourite Dorota quotes
Crying over Mary x Bash (reign)
Fangirling about Outlaw Queen (ouat)


Coldplay-Bastille-Adele-Lana del Rey
Tom Odell-Lady Gaga-Plumb


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What’s mere happiness in the face of all that, right?

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Ed Westwick Instagram 18.04.2014 

he definitely wants to kill us with his perfection

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You can tell us anything. We don’t judge. We are the non-judging breakfast club.

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character meme:

Chuck Bass - four colours

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Hello Gossip Girl fandom,

since our tags are really really bad and full of we heart it stuff etc. Anne-Sophie and I decided to announce some useful tags we all could use. We know it’s not our place to tell you how to tag your stuff but it would be great if we could make this work.

Please remember just the first 5 tags can be tracked on Tumblr!

Characters: name + edit

  • blairedit
  • serenaedit
  • nateedit
  • danedit etc.

Exception -> chuckbassedit (chuckedit is for the tv show “Chuck”)

Ships: ship + shippers club / ship+ edit (decide or use both)

  • chairedit/chair shippers club
  • derena/ derena shippers club
  • serenate/ serenate shippers club etc.

Other ships without ship name: name x name

  • rufus x lilly
  • eleanor x blair etc.

General Gossip Girl tag: gossip girl edit

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Anonymous whispered:

I know I can't ask for this here but can you make a gifset of some Dorota's best quotes? We all know she was one pf the funniest and cutest caracters

OMG yessss !! I’d definately love to do that !!! but I’ve got to do some research  first cause I don’t know much about her quotes…if you could help me perhaps ?

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Requested  by Bassempire and Anon

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