Working on these requests:
-Chair "Uncle Jack is here to help" 6x10
-Chair "Of course I love you Chuck.." 5x..
-Chuck + his aversion to Dan.... :)
-Chair at the Bar Mitzvah 4x22
Crying over Mary x Bash (reign)
Fangirling about Outlaw Queen (ouat)


Coldplay-Bastille-Adele-Lana del Rey
Tom Odell-Lady Gaga-Plumb


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No one is better for me than you.

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"It’s one of those classic, epic love stories. You don’t come upon those often either in movies or television."  — Amy Kaufman.

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Anonymous whispered:

can you gif the lyrics of 'please don't say you love me' with chair plz? i think the lyrics fit them (:

Please don’t say you love me,
'cause I might not say it back,
Doesn’t mean my heart stopped skipping when you look at me like that.
Theres no need to worry when you see just where we’re at.

are they the right ones ? i’ll try sure…

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theteenagememoir whispered:

I would prefer that gif set of 9-10 outfits. Thanks a lot!

sure I’m on it ! but where to shop them…well it would take too long and i don’t know all the shops…so sorry..i don’t think i can do this part of your request…

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theteenagememoir whispered:

Can you make a collage with the best chuck bass outfits in your opinion? And if you know where to get the stuff he wore, please put it in description or something. Much appreciated.

i can do a gif set of the Top 9/10 Chuck B’s outfits lor 1 set per outfit ike i did for Blair for the GG fashion meme well you tell me…sure but where to get the stuff … well I’m not american so I don’t know the shops outthere but I’ll try…

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Anonymous whispered:

can you do a CB+touch gifset?

done anon, hope you liked it !!

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